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Intelligrow assists Micro Finance Instituions to transform digitally. A complete Automation of microfinance business from field operations to back-office management, accounting and reporting. Yet easy to use, It includes an Android-based mobility solution tailor-made to suit Micro Finance operations on-the-field. Our solution provides complete functional coverage spanning – Loan life cycle from Loan Origination through Loan Management to Loan servicing functions, Center management, Individual & Group Lending, Micro-insurance and Regulatory reporting.

Today, more than two thirds of the world population are connected to mobile services. This simple fact makes digital financial technology a key component of revolutionizing financial inclusion efforts. Digital transformation initiatives are being put in place at a growing pace in both emerging and developed markets to streamline banking and microfinance processes and better cater to the needs of the un(der)banked, while increasing operational efficiency.

Those initiatives entail a profound and strategic transformation, at the organizational level, of all operational activities, processes, competencies and models to fully leverage the potential of digital technologies and ecosystems. They can be implemented at a process level, such as using Digital Field Applications (DFA) for loan processing, or at the transactional level, where we then talk about using a digital channel, such as the mobile, to offer Digital Financial Services (DFS).

Credit Bureau Integration

Integrated with Credut Bureau and validates the credit score. 

Aadhaar Integration

Integrated with Aadhaar for validation of clients. 

GST/TAX Integration

Integrated with GST/TAX for hassle accounting entries. 

Accounting Integration

Integrated with Accounting module for ease no need of third party software.


Client & Document Management

Allows you to uniquely identify, know and assess risk of your customer, attach any type of financial service or collect any type of data. 

Loan Management

Support any unique lending program that you’d like with automatically generated repayment schedules. 

Savings & Deposits management

Supports savings deposits, Fixed deposits, Recuring deposits and Shares module.

Reports Management

Provides all kinds of reports which are more than essential for an organisation.