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Lead Generation 

Lead Generation - through Client facing mobile application/web:-
- Apply loan through Mobile App and validate with Aadhaar.
- Client location - geo tagging

Lead Generation - throigh organziation Staff mobile app/web
- QR scan - e-Aadhaar auto client data filled
- Aadhaar validation of client through thumb/otp.
- Client location - geo tagging

Document management 

- Upload kyc copies and store it digitally.
- Loan application form generation through system - get Printout & signature then upload documents back to the system.

Loan Origination System

Loan Application to Disbursement, Covers the Entire Workflow.  
* Credit bureau check for credit score and eligibility check through system.
* FI visit and Credit analysys.
* Loan Approval process
* Loan disbursement process  

Loan Management System 

Disbursement to Loan Closing, covers the entire lifecycle.
* Repayment schedule, loan summary, loan balance, loan repaid history,reports,etc.
* Helps tracking & managing delinquent consumers. Then minimizing delinquencies, using tighter supervision. 


* Repayments can be made through client app - integrated with netbanking facility.
* Repayments are also enhanced with NACH services.
* Repayment entry can also be entered by staff if there is a manually collections happened.    

Business Analytics & Reports

Make rapid, more informed lending decisions and strengthen customer lending business management with Lending Analytics. This helps banks to drive revenue & profits and reduce risks