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Core Banking Solution for State Co-operative banks, District Central Co-operative Banks and Primary Agricultural Credit Societies. 

It is a fully Web-based – Real time application for Multi state credit cooperative society, Multi branch credit co-operative society, Thrift and Credit Society. Enables banks to provide differentiated finance tools to support the agricultural economy, track the credit flow and measure & report outcomes.

Our solution allows the banks to offer retail as well as business oriented products & services and more importantly, provide a backbone for the financial inclusion objectives. It is developed on modern technologies and architecture that is suitable for this segment that operates largely in remote, rural areas.  

Its a robust & scalable core banking, our client banks have been able to easily step onto digital revolution path. They have implemented diverse solutions that add a lot of value through enhanced customer reach and access to banking products & services 24 x 7. 

Credit Bureau Integration

Integrated with Credut Bureau and validates the credit score

Aadhaar Integration

Integrated with Aadhaar for validation of clients

GST/TAX Integration

Integrated with GST/TAX for hassle accounting entries

Accounting Integration

Integrated with Accounting module for ease no need of third party software.


Deposit Accont

Best suited for deposit accounts which are Fixed deposits,Recurring deposits,Savings and Pigmy

Loan management

Caters loan Orgincation and loan management. 


Intergrated with SMS alerts for acknowledgements and reminders

Mobile Netbanking app

Comes with integrated client net banking app, can do net banking activity anytime anywhere.