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First, let us know what NBFC means. NBFC stands for Non-Banking Financial Company which is registered under the Companies Act, 1956 involved in the market of loans and credits, procurement of shares/stocks/bonds/debentures/securities.

NBFCs lend and make investments and hence their activities look similar to that of banks but, there are a few dissimilarities:
  • NBFC cannot admit demand deposits
  • NBFCs do not constitute a portion of the payment and settlement system and cannot release cheques drawn on itself
  • The deposit insurance convenience of Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation is not open to investors of NBFCs, unlike in the situation of banks.

Each year, NBFCs are anticipated to observe a rise of 4%-6%. Plenty of circumstances have been consistently accountable for progressing the significance of these NBFCs in India. Given are the important factors that led to the growth of NBFC in India:

Broader Reach:

NBFCs are now stretching out to Tier-2, Tier-3, and Tier-4 businesses, diffusing loans beyond various client touch-points, establishing a connected channel experience, that implements an omnichannel intuitive experience with 24/7 sales and service, as the customers of today unfolding and reaching digital media like never before, NBFCs have begun on innovative and more reliable ways to engage with the customer and the prospective audience.

Sound Knowledge on Customer Needs & Behaviour

Most maximum NBFCs have sufficient market research organizations and in-house professionals that systematically take surveys to know about consumer requirements and desires. These surveys demonstrate remarkably helpful in ascertaining the financial needs of people of various age groups, ethnicity, or job standard. As a conclusion, largest of these NBFCs are also well-suited to render financial support to the section of the community that obtains it challenging to get monetary aid from conventional banks with stringent procedures.

Personalized NBFC Plans and Services

As mentioned earlier, most banks present standard interest charges on their products that are controlled to jurisdictions and regulations by the RBI. But there are special RBI guidelines for NBFCs as well, they are not as forceful as those for regular banking organizations. This employs various NBFCs to extend customized products as per their customer’s specifications and demands. The convenience to avail tailor-made financialproducts fascinates a lot of individuals to prefer these NBFCs over conventional money-lending organizations..

Optimum Practice of Technology

Lately, numerous government banks have performed digital in all their businesses and transactions. Nevertheless, NBFCs have been relatively pro-active in consolidating technology with all their methods way before them. This has even encouraged them acquire a more comprehensive customer reach in a short span of period. Most NBFCs have online programs that are qualified for fast online processing of credits, ULIP, or insurance forms. As correlated to the time exercised to sanction the loan endorsement by banks, NBFCs take much shorter time to process and evaluate your application. This directs to immediate loan disbursal in your account

24/7 Availability

Most maximum NBFCs offer 24/7 online helpline numbers or chat support facilities on their websites. This is frequently a toll-free number, where consumers can call anytime to settle any questions they have concerning the financial products. Also, chat robots on few websites made it simple to be available to answer most of the pre default questions/concerns of the customer.

More Qualified Risk Management

Few NBFC regulations dictate them to guarantee the most important standard of risk management for all their financial products. This is why largest NBFCs designate financial authorities at each level of management to assure the highest standard of preservation and responsibility

Co-lending Arrangements:

NBFCs have been fastening up with multiple alternative moneylenders with digital platforms and commercial banks as well, which has been continuing to their final end-customer base.

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