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SACCO Leadership – What you need to know from it?

From time to time, people wake up to the news of yet another savings and credit cooperative society (Sacco) is facing the issues. The truth is, financial institutions don’t instantaneously become broke or find themselves under the heavyweight of non-performing loans. Such things build over time. When it is explored, collapsing SACCOs will always show that bad things have been going on for a while.

So, how does an authorized and well-managed Sacco get to the point of collapse? Bad leadership mainly as well as another element that comes into play.

External auditors

External auditors are essential to raising any concerns to Sasra, and the financial statements they can give to the public should give a timely indication of approaching trouble if all is not well at a Sacco. Also, if something is wrong they are supposed to share their problems with Sacco’s leadership through a letter of management.

SASRA team

Each Sacco contains a team that takes care of its affairs appointed by Sasra that has authority management to the Sacco. The team needs to look over the Sacco leaders’ conduct on duty. If the team follows the book, then it will be able to provide an early warning strategy and intervention policy for a difficult Sacco and to accept a more motivated risk-based management approach.

Why Saccos collapse

Saccos do not just go down overnight; sometimes something has been going on to make this occur. At times, the rot is left lonely until it is too late. When a Sacco fall downs, it is normally a mirroring of deeper underlying problems that should have been remedied earlier.

So, what forms a well-leading Sacco? Here are features:

Sound decision-making practices

People should participate in their own development is central for good, successful, and efficient authority of savings and credit co-operative societies (Saccos). All women and men who are members of the Sacco should raise a voice in the process of decision-making. Participation in the process of decision-making should be fair and free. All processes, decisions, and appropriate information should be managed in a transparent way and should be approachable to all those concerned.

Regular meetings

Regular meetings among the external auditors, Sasra team, and Sacco’s leadership must be conducted to solve the problems. These have been found to be highly efficient in the discovery and get resolution of issues. The public has every right to looks for the highest levels of capability and knowledge from regulators, Sacco leaders, and external auditors. After all, it is their hard-earned money that is generally at stake.

Sacco committees should contact at least once a month while the General Meeting should be conducted at least once a year. Working assemblies such as Credit, Supervisory, and Audit Committees should contact consistently to make sure close supervision of the Saccos’ leading and general business.

In spite of the constant membership criteria, there is a jump into being different interests, views, and opinions in the Sacco. This will best be reached through an all-inclusive participatory method, transparent systems and operations, and full accountability to the members.

Equal opportunity for all

All members should have equal chances to get profit from Sacco's services in order to grow their economic status and share in the vision of the society. They should, therefore, be equally accorded the Sacco's chances and services. In the leadership organs, none should be put down, avoided, or shut up when they have new options. The legal framework and plans under which Saccos are managed and operated should be respected, strictly, and impartially enforced.

Sound leadership practices

People in positions of power, like chairpersons, should be open to various viewpoints. The leadership and management organs of the Saccos must have actions and operations which give results in time, using resources in the most economical way. The results should reach the requirements of the clients and stakeholders. This is one of the characteristics of good leadership.

All Saccos must have leaders and managers who have an observation for and commitment to the committee. The leaders and managers should look for an upgrade their institutions and do all that which is essential to convince the requirements of their members and the communities in which they are discovered. Such leaders and managers required to have strategic planning so that the problems and issues of the Sacco are managed with a sense of purpose.

Knowledgeable and Trainable Leaders

Sacco's growth both in portfolio size and savings volumes is also indicated good leadership.

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