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  • Loan Origination
  • Credit Assesment
  • Loan Management
  • Loan Collection
  • Reports and Analytics
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Loan Origination

Loan origination, underwriting, verification, and disbursement in a seamless with unified way

Lead generation across

Processing loan applications automatically

With all the information
at your fingertips
make informed decisions.

Capture data and digitally
validate authenticity

Lightning-fast approval at
multiple levels

Credit Assessment

Credit Assessment

Add AI-based risk measuring and scoring capabilities to credit assessment and underwriting to improve NPA reduction.

Full access to all credit reporting and information

Do a thorough examination of the borrower's profile using a variety of specialised analysis tools.

Use our free, open API to integrate with sources and offer value.

Decision credits using the business rule engine of intelligrow automatically.

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Loan Management

With the feature-rich, API-driven loan management solution from Intelligrow, productivity will be increased and operating expenses will be decreased.

Greater loan profile exposure for customers with 360-degree loan view.

Centralise document management

Loans may be restructured with the utmost flexibility.

An advanced communication tool to update customers during the lending process.

Workflow engines can be used to configure and automate business processes.

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Loan Collection

Our mobile-based recovery solutions are practical and effective. Now more than ever, you may use prediction in your collection.

Use the most effective technique for automating loan collections.

Mobility options for collections in the field

E2E Digital collection Suite - recurring mandates, banking collections and more

Handling of delinquency and NPA's

Extensive MIS with early warning systems for better visibility.

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Reports and Analytics

loan origination, underwriting, verification, and disbursement in a seamless with unified way

Lead generation across

Processing loan applications automatically

Data collection and digital authentication

With all the information at your fingertips, make informed decisions

Lightning-fast approval at multiple levels



Increased In



Increased In
Teams Efficiency



Loan Book



Reduction In
Servicing Cost


  • Cloud based SaaS product

  • Faster customer onboarding

  • Ready to go to market

  • One solution to all your origination needs

  • Disbursement time is reduced by 10 times

  • Omni channel customer acquisition

Intelligrow API driven cloud-based loan management software that offers Loan origination system, Credit assessment system, Loan Management system, Loan Collection system, Reports and Analytics. It also offers integrations with various payment processors, accounting software, and other third-party applications. It offers a user-friendly interface and customization options. It uses machine learning algorithms to assess creditworthiness.

  • Loan Origination

    Loan Application processing, credit checks, underwritingand loan approval process have been streamlined

  • Automated Communication

    Automated notifications can be sent through E-email, SMS, Whatsapp, etc. For reminders, alerts to borrowers and lenders

  • Customer Management

    Powerful reporting tools aid management in assessing loan performance and future events.

  • Analytics and Reporting

    Handling costumer data such as contact details, past payments and conversation logs will be at your finger tip.

  • Compliance Management

    Intelligrow makes sure that all applicable rules and regulations, particularly those pertaining to consumer protection and data security, are followed.

  • Integration with Other Systems

    Intelligrow's API driven application enables to integrate with other systems, such as accounting software, payment processing platforms and many more.

  • Customization

    You get the customization from intelligrow's highly skilled team. With your requirement we would be happy to reach your goal.

  • Workflow Automation

    Intelligrow automates loan workflows, such as loan disbursement, payment processing and delinquency management.

  • Loan Management

    With Intelligrow’s managing your loans becomes easier and faster. With the repayments, overdue highlighters, automated reminders to customers will help you in making quick decisions.

  • Mobile Accessibility

    Intelligrow's mobile app enables staff to make collection entry through mobile and customer to manage their loans with option for repayments and availing other services from the financial institutions.

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