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Primary Agriculture Banks


This Government considers that Primary Agricultural Cooperative Credit Societies are the fulcrum on which integrated package of services such as credit, insurance, inputs, marketing and extension can be delivered to the farmers. Recognising the importance of increasing productivity in agricultural sector as envisaged in the XI Five Year Plan, Primary Agricultural Cooperative Credit Societies will be actively engaged in provision of integrated service to the farmers and serve as a point of dissemination of the technology and the improved cultivation practices. It is expected to increase the prosperity of farmers by availing better services particularly in the area of technological intervention.


  • PCARDB were doing the cash collections manually hence increase in the fraud, higher cost for collections, lesser transparency for customers.


  • Intelligrow'scollection system enabled collections agent with the mobile app for collections
    and Bluetooth printer.

  • Provided with sms and a receipt on the field for the customer hence enabled them with the
    transparency and built a trust I the banking ecosystem.

  • Syncing of the transactions facility for the admin web app application enabled bank managers
    in having a complete control of the collection system.

  • customer net banking enabled customers to perform transactions and apply services from the
    comfort of their home or office, at any time.

  • Bank customers are now happywith the receipt and sms for their transactions. Hence availing the
    services quickly and easily.

  • Banks staff have seen the 60% increase in the efficiency and have reduced their cost by 30%.


  • Customer access to bank is a click away in availing the banking service.

  • Customers are now happy with the transparency.

  • Bank staff have increased their efficiency by 50% and reduced there costs.

  • Bank management team are able to make quick decisions and wisely.

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