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About Financial Institution

Stoke UK diaspora sacco Kenya


Stoke UK Diaspora Sacco based in Kenya and their clients are located in the different part of
the world, mainly in United Kingdom and America.


  • Customers had a limited access to their bank account information and transactions.

  • Every time they had to physically visit a bank during working hours to perform any transactions or to avail any service.

  • Inconvenience for clients with hectic schedules or far residences from the bank. They had to schedule time off and go to the bank.

  • For a diaspora sacco staffs had to perform tedious operations manually. With the increase in the time and cost hence lower efficiency.

  • Both customer and staff were unhappy of the process.


  • As a result, there is no longer a need to visit a physical bank branch at all.

  • Intelligrow's customer net banking enabled customers to perform transactions and apply services from the comfort of their home or office, at any time.

  • Bank customers are now happy by saving the time with previously manual process.
    Hence availing the services quickly and easily.

  • Banks staff have seen the 50% increase in the efficiency and have reduced their cost by 30%.


  • Customer access to bank is a click away in availing the banking service.

  • Customer net banking transformed happy customer.

  • Diaspora sacco staffs have increased their efficiency by 50% and reduced their costs.

  • Diaspora sacco management team are able to make quick decisions and wisely.

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