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9 Factors that make an Exceptional Loan Management Software in 2023

50% of people who want to get a loan and they have an access to the internet in India choose to buy it online. It is stats like these that prove today’s purchaser wants the ease of swift loans available without the inconvenience while visiting the dozens of banks.

And this request is not limited to the origination of the loan. They want the same effortless process till the repayment of the very last penny. For banks and other financial institutes, this essentiality sets a clear path. You required to have a loan management system that can keep up.

Fortunately, there are many software's available in the market. Unhappily, not all of them are made equal. To get the most out of it, a loan management software must require to have the following characters.

It has to be very easy to use

The first characteristic of impressive loan management software is user-friendly UI. Even the best-in-breed system will break down if your employees or customers are not able to make use of it. Ensure that it is not too complex to use, and the experience it offers is without glitches.

It has to be automated.

The primary advantage of loan management software is decreasing manual tasks and the costs linked with it. In addition, it declines the fraud risk and human errors.

So, a solid system would be one that automates the whole lending process, from credit assessment to recovery of debt.

It should be an integrated solution.

From underwriting to the process of debt recovery, there are a lot of elements you have to juggle. A loan management system will have sections for every component which was built in. A one dimensioned software will add to your workload rather than solving it. Just some of the properties the complete loan management tool will involve are:

1. Different types of loans – property, OD, equipment, etc.

2. Multi-expenditure – single/multiple expenditures and schedules.

3. Flexible repayment periods – Daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, etc.

4. Flexible payments sections – NACH, eNACH, cheques, online, UPI.

It should combine with other solutions.

A major element here is that the software should also join with your existing tech ecosystem, particularly MIS or ERP. For instance, keeping the balance sheet and P&L in order is a cumbersome task. Accounting tools automate and easy to use it. When your loan management system combines with the tool, it makes sure that no mistakes occur. On top of it, you and your customers earn more transparency.

A dependable software will also combine with:

Insurance providers

Bank gateways and APIs

Credit bureaus – CIBIL, CRIF, Experian, etc.

Payments – Paytm, RazorPay, GooglePay, etc.

eSignatures – NSDL, SignDesk, Digio, Signzy, etc.

It must simplify delegation.

A loan management system will initiate the processes, but you still require to controls the cycle. Therefore, check if the software gave access to delegate work at any stage.

Further, making changes and modifications should be very easy because each loan is different. You have to regularly have a look at payment dates, calculate interests, charge fees, and more. The software should authorize you to keep track of all these and modify them as required.

It must follow with laws.

The different steps of the lending cycle come with essential legal difficulties. These could be the rules set by the RBI for interest rates or invoice discounting. Reliable loan management software would be one that takes over a load of legal compliance and instantly executes them.

It provides data-driven reports.

Reports and analytics are the core factor of loan management software. One example is instantly producing reports of all credit bureau. Another is obtaining reports on a single customer or your overall flow of cash.

It has a definite credit assessment.

As a lender, the one sure way to decrease risk and maximize the income is to execute an accurate evaluation of credit. It provides you to give the correct loan terms like interest rates and provides invaluable insight on the customer.

It has to be customizable and well managed.

The business requirements of each lender differ based on the consumer segment they distribute. So, it is an error to assume any off-the-shelf loan management software will be utilized for each lender. That’s why the best loan management software providers give customization.

It has to be flexible.

A long list of characters is great, but an LMS that doesn’t raise your operational requirements is ineffective. So, pick a system that gives you access to you expand the products, enter new markets, enhances the current solution, and keep in a row with your customer base.

The bottom line:

Any bank, NBFCs, or financial institute that likes to take advantage of this market must fund outstanding loan management software.

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