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The Advanatges of Using a Cloud-Based Loan Origination Software

Here are some key advantages of using a cloud-based solution to transform your lending operations.

  • Accessibility and Collaboration
  • Employees can have the access to the cloud platform and they can use the platform anywhere through the connection of the Internet to increase collaboration and make sure the seamless communication irrespective of the physical location.

    Real-time updates that will allow the brokers/lenders to acknowledge potential customers in a quick mode. Cloud computing can also help organizations to take support of the power of the mobile workforce and decreases overhead and costs of the management.

  • Scalability and Capacity Planning
  • Cloud computing services give access to organizations to implement features based on the requirement of the development of the business. Institutions will have the ability to add the users corresponding to the growth of the teams, thus it saves the cost for the features that are not required.

    Some Cloud-based solutions involved unlimited users or branches so that the companies can aim at extending geographically without having to worry about budget restrictions.

    Not only that make staffing and capacity planning more agile, but also gives the capability to extend or add some features to the platform in a short period of time to meet the needs of loan volume without the requirement of additional IT resources or large investments.

  • Document Storage and Sharing
  • A large number of documents and paperwork included in the process of issuing the loan frequently causes errors and delays. If the document has been updated, different categories may cause more confusion. The cloud computing platform almost offers unlimited storage space for all the required documents during the process of the loan application. Since in a centralized location files are stored, everyone can have the access to the latest version to avoid communication failures, unnecessary delays, and costly errors.

  • Role-Based Access and Features
  • The cloud-based platform allows you to get the right functions that match each employee's roles. Although the whole data of a customer is stored in a centralized location and it is updated in real-time, companies can implement role-based access to make sure that each employee can only view or edit the information that they need to in order to finish their work thus reducing confusion and improves the security.

  • Low Upfront Investment
  • Organizations tend to save overall operational and costs of administration by 22% by applying a Cloud-based solution. In addition to the tools that the employees need to connect to, companies don’t need to obtain any additional hardware or servers to start using the cloud computing platform. It requires much time and the cost for initial setup are minimal thus removing the need of needing a large IT team to implement the solution.

    Most of the cloud service providers will charge monthly or annual fees for subscription-based on users, success, or usage that will covers ongoing service and maintenance. This will helps the companies to better prediction of the budget while reducing overhead and ongoing IT expenses.

  • Automated Update
  • With the executions of a cloud-based loan origination system, businesses make ready themselves to be future-oriented as the SaaS subscription which covers all the subsequent maintenance and software updates to make sure that the organizations must use the latest technology. Businesses can make sure that they are always up-to-date without wasting a lot of money on IT resources. By selecting a well-respected provider that uses a first-class cloud hosting company (such as AWS Cloud), companies can be sure to get the most scalable and fastest-performing solution that will give them a competitive advantage.

  • Cyber-security and Data Protection
  • As per the industry report, 66% of IT professionals said that security is their top priority, and it is increasingly becoming very costly for organizations to keep up with the latest cybersecurity agreements. Well-known cloud service suppliers will have a team of security specialists who are experts in keeping the software up to date with the latest cybersecurity updates, measures, and data protection.

    Moreover, most cloud platforms give a different variety of built-in security characters, such as multi-factor authentication and IP lists, to make sure that only the users who have access can view and edit or share sensitive data.

  • Backup and Recovery
  • Using cloud-based solutions can helps you to minimize the risk of downtime and satisfaction from built-in redundancy designed to maximize uptime.

    Most cloud providers have also designed all-inclusive backup and recovery plans to make sure that the data can be backed up and protected even in unpredictable conditions.

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