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What is Microfinance Software?

Microfinance features a significant role in bridging the gap between the formal financial institutions and therefore the rural poor and the microfinance software is strong that helps to automate all business activities. Microfinance Software provides you a wise banking functionality and enables to manage you to specialise in other areas of business. The Microfinance Institutions (Microfinance institution) access to financial resources to a large selection of unbanked population which has no prior credit history.

Over the past few years, microfinance software institutions have shown impressive growth and are instrumental within the cause of financial inclusion. These institutions are one factor equipped to resolve the prevailing cash crunch among low-income individuals situated within the suburban and rural areas.

Microfinance institution offer financial services and small business loans within communities which have limited resources and very few avenues for economic process . By empowering the people within these communities with their Microloan products, Microfinance institution help these small businesses develop using their existing talent and skill sets

Despite the incremental growth of Microfinance institution, tons remains to be achieved in terms of their operational efficiency. the value of outreach would have a negative impact on making the business model dangerously unprofitable if the method was completely manual in nature.

The lack of scalability often makes smaller microfinance systems final during a struggle to preserve their profitability and performance within the edge competition. The intrusive involvement showed by government organizations to market SHG linkage program through banks has placed Microfinance institution under considerable duress.

The changing dynamics of the unbanked borrowers and therefore the lack of technical support diminishes the general operational efficiency of those institutions. the prevailing geographic factors make it very difficult for the Microfinance institution to communicate with their prospective clients who are located within the far-flung areas, creating a drag in sustainability and expansion aspects of the organization.

Also, supporting a broad range of lending activities amidst this chaos becomes rather costly and very difficult. To compete with large-scale commercial banks, Microfinance institution need world-class financial software within their substantial IT budgets. Only an integrated banking software solution like Intelligrow which is right for both group and individual microfinance lending would make the Microfinance institution function efficiently.

Intelligrow a part of Microfinance institutions community and we understand the challenges faced. That’s why we have come up with Intelligrow Bancsoft to address them, improve efficiency and grow rapidly

Feature of Intelligrow microfinance Software

  • JLG’s & SHG’s model
  • Center & Group Management
  • Bulk collections
  • Custom Surveys & Social Impact Measurement (PPI)

Benefits of Intelligrow microfinance Software

  • Minimal Upfront Costs
  • Maximum Data Security
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Extensive Reports
  • Easy Accessibility - Cloud Powered
  • Reduced TAT

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