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Modules Required For NBFC Software

NBFCs are playing a crucial role in economic development for while and now these companies became the vital part economic system . NBFC software plays an important role in managing operations of NBFC companies of all sizes. NBFC software comprises of several highly functional modules. Here during this guide, we are getting to mention a number of the important modules that are the a part of NBFC Software.

Loan management system:

this is often the foremost important module of NBFC software. It helps in managing all kinds of loans. It keeps track of all the loans, EMI payments, remaining EMIs, sending reminders to customers and performs various other activities that basically help in streamlining the whole loan management process.

Customer management:

This module helps manage customer information throughout the loan life cycle. It allows you perform many activities like securely storing all the knowledge and making them easily available whenever required.

Branch Management:

NBFC companies have multiple branches in various states and this module helps manage branches and monitor numerous processes of specific branch at an equivalent time. This module helps manage all information about clients, advisers and agents of varied branches.

Accounting management:

all kind of operations related to general and financial accounting are managed with the assistance of this module.

Payroll and Payout:

Financial company needs a fanatical software to manage large workforce and their payrolls. an equivalent is definitely managed by this module of the NBFC software. So, it allows NBFCs to manage loans and payrolls using single tool.

Document management Module:

Documents are highly crucial a part of any financial transaction. it's vital to stay them safe and obtain them verified. All this is often done by this module of NBFC software. It helps in storing the documents securely on Cloud and also facilitates electronic verification of the documents.

Payment Collection Module:

this is often again a really important module of NBFC software. lately , we've various modes to form a payment. Hence, NBFC also supports various payment modes like online payment (net-banking, online wallets, etc.), payment by cash or cheque, etc. This module keeps a record of all kinds of payments received and made by NBFC by any means.

User/Agent/Member management:

One must manage various details of employees or agents working for a NBFC. Users of NBFC software are literally the workers of NBFC. So this module stores all the knowledge about the workers and agents like employee Id, working hours, salaries, contacts, etc.

Apart from these, there are various other modules in NBFC software like Reports management, Customer KYC/Report management, Internal Firm management, etc.

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