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Let's start a discussion about 5 types of Working Capital Loans

1. Short term loans :

One of the most famous options of all working capital loan options, these loans provides the access to business owners to a lump sum amount for 3 months period to 1.5 years. At the end of the term business owners then needs to return the principal amount along with the interest. This is what you can say that, is the simplest loan model that everyone can make use of it.

2. Merchant Cash Advances:

Merchant cash advances (MCA) come in a close second when it comes to working capital loan options because of their ready accessibility and there is no requirement of credit history. The way MCA works is by providing the small business owner a lump sum of cash in advance to support their working capital requirement. The business then pays back the sum in the form of a fixed percentage of their daily credit and sales of debit cards.MCA can also be costly as compared to other small business loan options.

3. SBA Loans:

SBA loans are the U.S. Small Business Administration-backed loans that provide small businesses capital injections to the tune of $5 million that supports them in resolving a number of problems.

4. Working capital LOC:

Working capital Line of Credit (LOC) is a special working capital funding model through which the creditor or funding partner provides the business access to a fixed amount of funds that the business can make use of it and when required. The best part about LOC is that even though the business can have the access to the whole amount, at a given point in time they only pay the interest for the amount they are using.

5. Factoring:

Also known as invoice financing, factoring is a great way to discard the account receivables that are yet to be fulfilled for cash, immediately. In this option, for a fee business owners can sell unpaid invoices and get cash in exchange. The fee which they pay is for the lender to protect their risk of assuming these account receivables. Factoring helps the business owners free up their shortage of cash substantially rather than worrying about follow-ups, dues in payments, and a widening gap in their working capital states.

Here’s a quick point of things you should keep in mind that help you to select which one is the best working capital loan that is suitable for you.

1. Calculate the needs of your current working capital.

2. Find out the gap (negative working capital) that you need to cover.

3. Do investigate and find out your business’s current credit rankings.

4. Find out which of the above five working capital options works best for you based on the three points stated above.

5. Do some investigation on the best working capital lenders serving the option of your selection.

6. Set your documents and Completes your loan application with all the details.

7. Through the loan origination stage work with the lender by allowing easy verifications and document processing.

8. Get your funds.

9. You can use the funds as decided in step number one.

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