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  • Installation of Mifos
  • Training on Mifos
  • Customization of Mifos
  • Report design
  • Mifos support
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Installation of Mifos

For the local server

On the Cloud

On the Ubuntu server

Windows server,

Installation of mifos on-premises servers

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Training on Mifos

Mifos Functional training

Mifos technical training

Mifos Pentaho designer training

Mifos database structure training

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Customization of Mifos

Mifos front end(ui) customization,

Mifos features development,

Mifos functionality development

Mifos api integrations

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Report design

Mifos designing of reports

Designing of loan reports

Designing of deposits report

Designing of client reports

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Mifos support

Mifos functional support

Mifos technical support

Mifos AMC based support

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Increase in lending
and deposits management



Increase in
teams efficiency



Loan and deposits
book growth



in servicing


  • End to end Mifos solution

  • Experts of Mifos since from 2013

  • Partner of Mifos initiative

  • Best open-source software for microfinance

  • Be the owner of intellectual property

  • Provides source code

Intelligrow provides end to end solution of Mifos that offers Mifos training, Installation of Mifos, Training on Mifos, Customization of Mifos, Report design, Mifos support, Penatho designer reports. Microfinance institutions (MFIs) and other financial institutions that provide services to underserved and low-income areas can use the open-source Mifos X platform. It was introduced in 2013 as the next iteration of the original Mifos platform. The Mifos Initiative maintains Mifos X, which is based on a scalable, modular, and extendable design.

Mifos X's salient characteristics include:

  • Loan Management

    Mifos X offers capabilities for managing and tracking loans, including processing loan applications, disbursing loans, monitoring loan repayments, and calculating interest. Additionally, it enables a variety of lending options and repayment plans

  • Management of Savings Accounts

    Mifos X offers capabilities for managing savings accounts, such as processing deposits and withdrawals, calculating interest, and keeping track of accounts. Additionally, it enables a range of savings solutions, including both individual and group accounts.

  • Accounting and Reporting

    The platform offers accounting functions like ledger administration, income statement creation, and balance sheet creation. Additionally, it creates reports on client activity, loan repayments, and other financial parameters.

  • Client Management

    The platform enables MFIs to manage customer profiles, which include monetary and personal data, loan histories, and repayment patterns. Additionally, it offers resources for monitoring customer interactions and spotting potential risks.

  • Security

    protections are built into Mifos X to safeguard sensitive data, including customer and financial data. Features like user authentication, data encryption, and role-based access control might be included.The flexibility and adaptability of Mifos X are intended to meet the specific requirements of various MFIs and financial institutions. With a current web-based user interface and compatibility for mobile devices, it is also intended to be user-friendly and accessible.

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