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About Financial Institution



Suyogabusiness are into business correspondence of a financial institutions.
Serves there customers with the loan facilities for business loan, gold loan and other loans.


  • Managing the various financial institutions business correspondence loans was the toughest challenge for them. Having a staff of 150 employee with 30 of the branches had led them in increased operation cost and lower in efficiency.


  • Intelligrow'sloan origination system with enabled ekyc and credit score check helped them in onboarding of the customers faster.

  • Intelligrow's Loan management system enabled them to manage the different loans at a different branch became easy.

  • Intelligrow'scollection system enabled collections agent with the mobile app for collections and Bluetooth printer.
    Provided with sms and a receipt on the field for the customer with upi enabled system.

  • Syncing of the transactions facility for the admin web app application enabled bank managers in
    having a complete control of the collection system.

  • Enabled with the robust analytics helped management in taking the quick decisions.

  • customer net banking enabled customers to perform transactions and apply services
    from the comfort of their home or office, at any time.


  • Customer access to bank is a click away in availing the banking service.

  • Customers are now happy with the transparency.

  • FI staff have increased their efficiency by 50% and reduced there costs.

  • FI management team are able to make quick decisions and wisely.

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